Blog migration


I recently switched this blog over from my old Blogger blog. I have been on Blogger for many years, but I never really loved it. Several months ago, I discovered Jekyll and GitHub Pages. Jekyll is a static blogging blogging/website engine that has all the convenience of a dynamic website, but with the speed of a static HTML website. I started using Jekyll and quickly realized that I had to move my blog over to Jekyll.

I first started by just creating a GitHub pages repository (hosted as a subdomain on github.io). A couple days ago I bought this domain name and officially moved everything over to my very own domain name!

Now for some more technical stuff. This blog is all run off GitHub Pages; no server involved (or necessary). I’m using CloudFlare as a CDN to serve the static content and to point the DNS to the GitHub domain. I pointed the DNS to the CloudFlare servers at Namecheap. Cloudflare is free for basic use, so the only cost to me is the cost of registering the domain name. The result is that I have a website that is all my own, and that has speeds that are roughly 15x faster than my old Blogger website.

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