Google recently released guetzli, a JPEG encoder that claims 20%-30% smaller compressed images, while still retaining the same image quality.

I thought this looked pretty cool, so I gave it a try. It seems to work quite well. I was able to compress a 2.7MB image down to 1MB. The only downside was that guetzli took almost 20 minutes to compress the image. I hope Google improves the speed of the tool, but it’s worth a shot if you have some images that need compressing.

Guetzli GUI for Mac

I wrote a simple Mac app for guetzli. I’ve released the source on GitHub, as well as pre-built binaries. I had fun writing it (it only took me a few hours), and it was nice to actually finish a Mac app in one day.

Enjoy: https://github.com/daviesgeek/guetzli-gui