Reservations About TypeScript

Aug 19, 2017

TypeScript has become a huge part of the JavaScript community in the last year or so, especially with the advent of Angular 2. Just over a year and a half ago, we were looking to make some architectural changes to our Angular application at work and we had considered TypeScript as an option. At the time, I (and our lead dev) had dismissed it, but more recently, I have begun to re-evaluate it again, particularly since Angular 2 is written in TypeScript.

Web tools are the problem

May 23, 2015

Peter-Paul Koch on the ever growing overcomplication of web tools: Why all the cruft?… Tools don’t solve problems any more, they have become the problem. Marco Arment on Marco.org: Most times I land on a Stack Overflow page with a simple Javascript question, the highest-voted answer is “Just include [framework X] and then call this function,” even though a few posts beneath it is a perfectly suitable, standalone 10-line function.