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Web tools are the problem - May 23, 2015

Peter-Paul Koch on the ever growing overcomplication of web tools:

Why all the cruft?…
Tools don’t solve problems any more, they have become the problem.

Angular Service Providers with config - May 22, 2015

Simple example of an Angular service provider with configuration option(s):

Google Chrome 41 update - March 06, 2015

Cool updates to Google Chrome today. More recently I have been doing cross-browser testing in Firefox. One of the features of the Firefox inspector is a nice little highlight that shows up on elements that have changing properties: Chrome recently added this feature in the latest update (v41) As you can see, it is a very useful tool for any web developer using Chrome’s (or Firefox’s) inspector. Thank you Google :)

Running Docker on OS X - February 05, 2015

Recently I started using Docker for my side projects and for the Valley Hackathon a couple weeks ago. I really like the flexiblity and encapsulation that it offers, in contrast to tools like Vagrant. However, on a Mac, Docker runs on boot2docker, a tiny image built just to run Docker containers within VirtualBox. This can cause some problems with features such as shared folders, since the Docker container loads volumes from within the boot2docker machine, not your OS X machine. Fortunately there’s a build of boot2docker that enables shared folders (via the Guest Additions). To install it: # First stop...

Blog Migration - November 13, 2014

I recently switched this blog over from my old Blogger blog. I have been on Blogger for many years, but I never really loved it. Several months ago, I discovered Jekyll and GitHub Pages. Jekyll is a static blogging blogging/website engine that has all the convenience of a dynamic website, but with the speed of a static HTML website. I started using Jekyll and quickly realized that I had to move my blog over to Jekyll. I first started by just creating a GitHub pages repository (hosted as a subdomain on github.io). A couple days ago I bought this domain...